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Happy Mothers Day, my Mom is a Medium

Mothers Day is just around the corner, actually this coming Sunday May 13th, 2012.

A day when as a Mom I get to set the course for how my day is to be enjoyed or arranged, at least that is what we mom's like to think. And just as every other mother, my children are always asking me what I would like for Mothers Day. Over the years they have found that having a mom who is a Medium is quite different than their friends mothers and then again, maybe not.

Is there any difference in being a medium as a mom? Well my children have told me it is real cool and at most times weird and quite awkward. I have to laugh, Awkward? Yes, as they never can get me anything that I don’t already know about, at its best it’s getting their hard earned gift that you already know what is inside, even though they wrap it in a box that is three times its size. When they are planning a surprise for you, believing they are keeping their secret well hidden and you acting surprised when you already know all about it. Most of all, when the older siblings learned at a very young age it is useless to try to be un-truthful to me as hello, I am a Medium, I have this connection to the spirit world. I use to laugh as my older girls would tell their younger siblings "Okay look, save your breath … just tell Mom the truth, she knows everything especially when you lie and it is just not worth it in the end".

And then again I would like to think there is no difference at all that I am just like any other mom. I love my kids more than life, I have coached their softball teams, cooked for bake sales, opened my home and refrigerator to all of their friends for parties, play dates and just hanging out. Loaded up the van, car or truck driving them and their friends back and forth to school and/or work. Cleansed their wounds, listened to their cries, held their hand when they needed a friend, cheered them on the sidelines when they competed and displayed their science fair projects. Hung out at the mall and paid for the homecoming and prom dresses and yes, even told them the medical shot will hurt but it will be over in no time at all, just a pinch. When they lost a close dear friend due to a tragedy, I stood by their side to give them strength and their space. Reassuring them that life will go on and giving them the messages that their friend was standing there giving to me to tell them, they are okay. Standing with love and pride as my daughters walked down the aisle to marry their very best friend.

This Mothers Day there is so much going on as I sit back and reflect with love and pride in my heart with all of my children. As medium I can see their lives before them, so can any mom, as a medium I can give them advice just as any mom. As a medium I can be the best that I can be at what I do to not embarrass them or even sometimes comment when they have taken a misstep and so can any mom. My children are laughing and enjoying life as it is meant to be. My oldest daughter is preparing to celebrate her son’s second birthday. And my second daughter is expecting her first child. As a mom there is so much to do as you hand over the title for the next generation to begin their role as a Mom too….Moreover, being blessed with all of this as a Mom and Medium, I am gifting a blessing to you as a Mom too.

This Mothers Day even though I have everything I need, when they asked me what I would like I, just as any other Mom would ask for….is to spend one more day with my mom to say….Happy Mother Day...I Love You Mom each and every day!

So as a Medium this is what I can do that not too many others Moms can do….For all first time Mom’s, I have a Contest for you….

Okay Angels...I have a Contest for you as Yes…my daughter is due…They have chosen to not find out the sex of their first child before the blessed day of arrival…as she says "we only receive a few surprises in life".

If you can tell me on here…the exact date that the baby is born and whether it is a boy or girl…and you guess it correctly and win, I shall gift to you a free Private Reading with me… here is your clue: as small as it can be, as long as it takes, their baby is coming into our space…with lots of light our new little Angel from Heavens Delight…The doctors say her due date is June…

After the baby is born I shall announce the winner…

Just for entering and taking a guess you will receive one hundred dollars off a Private Reading with me to be used by July 1, 2012…after you write your guesses - email me at Adele for your one hundred dollar off "code" to schedule a private reading…..Good Luck!


To All Mom’s Everywhere …Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless You!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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