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Happy Mother's Day: The five best gifts for a mother

Happy Mother's Day!

The five Mother's Day gifts that moms want the most.
Sima Ballinger, Lahaina, Maui Hawaii

We wish all mothers a very happy Mother's Day today. Mothers want to be pampered and loved, especially on mother's day. But there is something perhaps even more important than the pampering that a mother wants more than ever. Listed in the article is a list of five of the best gifts a mother wants more than ever for mother's day and her entire life. Read the Christian Post reflection on Mother's Day posted Friday.

First, mothers want the day off from cooking. No cooking is allowed on Mother's Day. Breakfast in bed, brunch out, lunch served or dinner out on the town. But absolutely no cooking or working for mothers this day.

Second, mothers want their mothers to know they are loved. Mothers want a good relationship with their own mother. If your mother has passed away, remember the good times and forget about the bad. And today, we pray for all mother and children relationships to be mended.

Third, mothers want their husbands to love them. In the book of Ephesians, the Bible instructs men to love their wives as they love their very own bodies, and as Christ loved the church. Mothers also want the father of their children to support and appreciate them.

Fourth, mothers want their children to be healthy and whole. Mothers want their children to respect and give adoration to God. Children are an extension of the love of God. Children are prized and praised among mothers. Whether you have a new born, a toddler, elementary school child, high school student, college student, or grown and married - mothers want the best for their children. And when their children aren't at their best, a mother feels the pain. And when children are celebrated, they glow with pride.

Fifth, and last, mothers want peace. Peace of mind and spirit, and no stress. Mothers want all their relationships to be pleasing to God - no drama. In this life we have trouble on every side, and mothers don't want to fight, they want to see and experience peace in their home, on the job and in their neighborhood. All Moms really want for Mother's Day...

So to all the mothers who read and appreciate our page, we love and appreciate your readership and support! We pray God's richest blessings on you in all you do!

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