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Happy Meal mascot at McDonald's: Creepy like 'he just finished off family of 6'

McDonald’s Happy Meal mascot conjures up many feelings, but not one of them seems to be “happy," as the thing is downright frightening. When McDonald’s tweeted a photo of their new Happy Meal mascot asking people to “Say hello to our newest friend,” Twitter caught on fire with people expressing how scary this thing looks, according to CNN Money on May 20.

McDonald's Happy Meal mascot is frightening! Take a look at that realistic mouth!
Twitter/ McDonald's

The feelings that this Happy Meal mascot conjures up is best described by Richard Miller on Twitter who said, “Happy looks happy because he just finished off a family of six.” This red box with golden arches holding in its eyeballs looks like something that could eat through the entire world.

It looks like a cartoon until you come to that bizarre and rather eerie mouth with a tongue and teeth that look too realistic for a kid’s toy. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Twitter had fun with the mascot, with SamKamani tweeting, “In order to fight obesity in kids, McDonald’s introduces its new mascot to scare children.”

Fox News reports that the fast-food giant introduces this new Happy Meal mascot as something they created to "promote healthier eating among kids." The red box full of teeth is meant to “serve as an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating,” McDonald’s conveys on Twitter.

Many might agree that if this box of teeth was created to promote healthy eating it could be successful. When the kids see this in their happy meal they may be too frightened to eat! The mascot has been around since 2009 when France got the first wave of the red box, then it was introduced in Latin America. Your kids will see the Happy Meal mascot when it makes its debut nationwide on May 23.

McDonald’s has made a realistic effort in offering healthy choices with their apple slices and juice to replace soda. They are now adding Go-Gurt Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt, which was made especially for McDonald’s with 25% less sugar than the original Go-Gurt Yogurt available in stores. General Mills, the maker of Go-Gurt, took on this special order from the fast-food giant.

Remember the Happy Meal mascot will debut in just a few days. If Twitter is any indication on the mascot's reception then all you will need to do is just follow the screams coming from the nearest McDonald's. That would be the sound of the kids as the mascot pops out of the Happy Meals.

While it is a bit on the creepy-looking side with that grin and those teeth, it isn't that terrifying to look at. It can actually be quite comical coming from an adult's perspective!

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