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Happy hour with the '#RichKids of Beverly Hills' Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the day with #RichKids Of Beverly Hills stars Dorothy and Morgan? Well wait no more, had the rare opportunity to sit down with the girls as they were in New York City on their press tour to promote the new season of #RichKids Of Beverly Hills, which premieres this Sunday, August 3rd on E! (10-10:30 p.m. ET). Both Morgan and Dorothy were personable, welcoming, and organically funny. Forget the big house, Hermes bags, and Prada shoes, they are still regular girls who have issues and go through relationship drama like the rest of us. In this exclusive sit down interview over happy hour, the girls shared what viewers can expect this season, their fears of not living up to their parents, and what is next on their horizon. Check out the slideshow of my fun adventure with the #RichKids Of Beverly Hills stars Dorothy and Morgan in New York City and read the full interview below:

4:46 p.m.—Dorothy Wang arrives to the London Hotel in Midtown New York City.
4:46 p.m.—Dorothy Wang arrives to the London Hotel in Midtown New York City.
Anthony Bowles
 #RichKids Of Beverly Hills premieres this Sunday, August 3rd on E! (10-10:30 p.m. ET).
NBC Universal (Anthony Bowles): How are you guys?

Dorothy Wang: “I’m so excited to be in New York, I love the city.”

Morgan Stewart: “I love it here too, and I’m excited and anxious for the next season to come out.” (Anthony Bowles): How has New York been treating you guys?

Morgan Stewart: “We love it, I think that this time around, it has been even better because we’re here in the summer, it is definitely more fun!” (Anthony Bowles): What if anything, have you learned from season 1?

Morgan Stewart: “If anything, it’s adjusting to watching yourself on camera and being constantly filmed. We just try to be who we are on and off camera…maybe not scream at people in Mexico and look ugly doing it (laughs).” (Anthony Bowles): What can viewers expect on season 2?

Dorothy Wang: “This season, I think that we all have grown up a lot. We all have been through so much from personal lives, families, and relationships, and viewers will get to see all of that unfold. Of course there is still the richness, the glam, and the bags…but this season we do a lot of reflecting.”

Morgan Stewart: “Trials…tribulations…and triumphs." (Anthony Bowles): What surprises can viewers expect this season?

Dorothy Wang: “We really let it all hang out, and we were very open with each other. This season, we were very comfortable around the cameras and there will be some drama, and it does get very vocalized and heated. More importantly, we go through a lot of the same issues that a lot of people go through, and I think that will make viewers able to relate to us and vice versa.”

Morgan Stewart: “I think that the whole season in general is going to surprise a lot of viewers, even we were shocked while a lot of stuff was going down.” (Anthony Bowles): On the first episode, viewers will see you go to China to support your dad as he opened a new shopping center, how was that experience for you and how proud of him are you?

Dorothy Wang: “I was very proud, it was such a very special moment for my family, which is why I wanted to invite all of my friends to be there. He has had so much success, and while I’m very happy for him and all of his accomplishments, it does make me feel like, what am I going to do and how can I compete? Our parents have provided great lives for us, but we do need to make it on our own. I want to make means for ourselves…I want to be able to buy my own bags, shoes, cars, and gifts for my parents.” (Anthony Bowles): What advice have you learned from your parents?

Dorothy Wang: “My dad has made it very clear to me that this is his money…I’m not waiting for a check to come every month, it does motivate us to be successful and to be able to carry on our family’s legacy.”

Morgan Stewart: “Luckily for us, our parents have supported whatever venture we deiced to go in. It’s not even advice, it’s more of support and we are thankful that they give us their full support in whatever we decide to do.” (Anthony Bowles): What can fans expect from you in the near future?

Dorothy Wang: “I am starting a necklace line that is nameplates with #...example, #funemployed, #rich, #selfie and more, and those will be available on my website in about a month.”

Morgan Stewart: “BoobsandLoubs is the main focus for me at this time, and I try to make it grow as much as possible while making it homemade.”

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