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Happy Hour is HEALTHY


good for the body and soul

We've all heard it too many times.  Beer = bad; exercise = good.  Yea.  Tell me something I don't know.


Happy hour is healthy!  Yes.  Don't you feel justified, now?  Don't believe me yet?  Let me cite some sources!

Well, first of all, friends are healthy, according to a study in the New York Times.  Second of all, red wine is good for you, according to many many sources, but I will cite the msnbc one, here.  Thirdly, a bunch of Japanese scientists broke it down for Science Daily.

Too much?  I'll break it down.  Moderate drinking and socializing are healthy.  Happy hour consists of a couple hours (usually 5-7) of discounted prices for you and your friends.  Therefore, during happy hour, you can moderately drink and socialize.  See where I'm going with this?

2009 Resolution:  Happy hour more often.  Oh, it's almost summer already?  Too late for a New Years resolution?  You can call it a summer '09 resolution.  I don't care; just know that it is a healthy lifestyle goal.

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