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Happy Holidays: Not good news

“He went down with them and stood on a level place.” (Luke 6:17)

Jesus, Emanuel (God with us), walked the dusty roads and climbed the hills of Judea and tended to the hurting and the broken, to the sick and the lame. Not from on high did he minister as an overlord, but rather eye to eye and heart to heart on a level place. Unlike the gods of this world, Jesus meets us in our valley. As he stood on that level place, “those troubled by impure spirits were cured,” and those who were sick received healing. (Luke 6: 18-19)
Jesus Christ came for all mankind, atheist or priest, free or slave, Muslim or Buddhist. He came that we may have life and have it abundantly but more than that he came because without him we are destined to spend eternity without him in a place where the bible says that are everlasting tears and anger at the thought of a lost opportunity forever!. Our God wants to meet all of us on level ground, no matter where we stand. Please reach out to Him and touch his garment, He is standing next to you.

This season when someone wishes you “Happy Holidays,” respond with joy “Merry Christmas!” Why? Because it is for our politically correct neighbor who unknowingly hides the free gift of salvation as he falls in line with the mantra designed to keep people in darkness. Christmas is a gift that should be shared with everyone because when it is opened reveals “God with us,” ready to take us to an eternity of joy and peace and rescue us from “weeping and gnashing of teeth forever.”

Who would not want to give such a gift?
Merry Christmas!

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