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Happy Holidays


From my family to yours! 

The holiday is upon us and the Texas Hill Country is trying to give us a glimpse of some cold weather.  For those of us traveling, drive safe especially in icy weather conditions along our hilly roads.  If time permits, make sure to take in some holiday lights or visit some of the towns in the Hill Country such as Johnson City and Fredericksburg. 

Last weekend I took a drive along 281 North to Johnson City on to Fredericksburg.  The Texas Winery Trail was happening so some of my friends and I made some stops along the way.  First stop, Texas Hills Vineyard.  
Off the beaten path of Johnson City.  Free wine tasting and a $5 tasting for more varieties.  There were many others along the route to Fredericksburg.  The winery in Fredericksburg, along the main strip, is a must-stop as is the shop Chocolate where homemade candy chocolates are made on the premises including liquer filled.  Yum!  For a great unique and variety-filled lunch in-town, I suggest the Brewery. Shrimp Quesadillas were the special but the regular menu complete with German and American choices did not disappoint.  They have their own brew with shot-size tasting.

On the way out of town (or on way in) Becker Winery is another must-stop.  The winery also offers great gift items as well as a bed and breakfast cottage for the perfect get-away. 
Becker Winery

For  Wine events info along the Wine Road Fredericksburg Route 290:
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