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Happy, Healthy Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin
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Want to keep your kids away from mountains of sugar on Halloween and still let them go out and have a good time Trick-Or-Treating? It is doable!! A couple important facts to be aware of: According to the National Confectioners Association, $2 billion dollars is spent on Halloween each year and 93% of kids go out to enjoy this hauntingly fun holiday.

Parents don't always make the connection that indulging in a lot of sugar at Halloween is the start of the sugary season that lasts until the New Year. Even those with the best intentions can cave to the constant requests for more especially if the goodies are within sight. So how can your kids still enjoy the holiday without the overindulgence and sugar meltdowns?

7 Healthy Halloween Tips:

  1. Find and handout heathier versions of candy and chocolate that is 70% Cacao instead of the overprocessed milk chocolate. You can find these at your healthier stores, including Trader Joe's and they taste so much richer.
  2. Build in a little extra time around creating their knockout costume to feed them a good meal before they go out. Then they won't feel like eating as many treats while they're carrousing the neighborhood.
  3. Pick another fun thing to do that isn't focused on collecting candy. Go for a hayride, check out a pumpkin lighting celebration, have a neighborhood bob-for-apples party. There are so many fun things to do!
  4. Create a 90-10 rule - limit them to only a couple of pieces a day. That way there are less arguments and they forget about it after a while.
  5. Let them pick out their absolute favorites and together, donate the rest to a local shelter to the kids that have less. It creates an awareness that not everyone has the same abundance and they'll feel good sharing. Swap the candy for a new small toy instead.
  6. Give them cash for their stash. Have them keep a couple of choice pieces and give them a predetermined amount of money for the rest. Bring the candy into work to share so you won't be tempted at home.
  7. The best tip I've heard? Local dentists that buy the candy for $1-5.00 a pound. They take all of the hard candies and ship it to our soldiers overseas. Know any dentists? You could start a trend!

What do you do with all of your leftover candy? Do you have creative ways to deal with it? Leave a comment below.

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