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A forever home!!!
A forever home!!!

I am incredibly happy to report that the PetSmart Second Chance at Love Adoption Weekend was a huge success! A grand total of 16,534 animals found forever homes throughout the US and Canada. That brings PetSmart’s total number of adoptions over time to 4,088,824. Thank you thank you to everyone who’s adopted an animal over the years. You can be sure your pet has a better life with you than s/he would have had in a shelter.

Specific to Colorado, the numbers break down like this: 261 dog adoptions, 192 cat adoptions and 43 small animals. A grand total of 496 CO animals now have new, loving homes. To you new owners: Thank you so much, and enjoy your new companion. Take good care of them and you will get back more than you could possibly imagine. Congratulations!!  *Figures provided by PetSmart.