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A Small Look Back At Happy Gilmore

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This is another article in a series of articles examining the films that Adam Sandler has written according to IMDB to see why his older films are so revered compared to his ones more recently. We'll look at critics reviews and take it one film at a time to see why he is so hated critically yet so loved at the box office.

Let's start by saying that we're not trying to place a definition on comedy itself as it is subjective because in a sense thinking about what makes you laugh is ironical and makes no sense. This is more of a personal journey on nostalgia and personal sense of humor. Maybe it'll lead to dark insight or nothing at all. If you find these films funny then pay no attention as you should with any movie or media you enjoy criticized to an umpteenth degree by anyone. Now on to Happy Gilmore.

Happy Gilmore is usually the standard that people hold other Adam Sandler movies to. Not only is it the most memorable Sandler movie in terms of comedy (Bob Barker Fight) but the plot is extremely straightforward and not too convoluted like many of his other films. You understand Happy's motivation and care for the character. Maybe this is what's missing from Sandler films of today is not a convoluted plot but just a simple one with funny gags.

Before we get in depth a little more, for the uninitiated, like always, Happy Gilmore is a 1996 film starring Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore, a loser who wants nothing more to be a hockey player. One day, his grandma loses his home and gets sent to a nursing home. Happy makes a random bet with the two movers grabbing his grandma's furniture and finds out he's a pretty good golfer. He then goes to the golf course and makes bets as to how long he get the ball. A former pro, Chubbs Peterson, sees his impressive swing and invites Happy to an invitational that could make the PGA tour if they win. The rest that follows is your typical sports underdog story.

Happy Gilmore gets so much right that the only thing to find wrong is one its side characters played by Ben Stiller. It's not that he played the character wrong, it's just that there is no conclusion to his character at all unless you go on youtube and search up the deleted scene in karmic payback or just wait until the 984,983th time it plays on cable. That is the only nitpick that is worth a mention though.

Happy Gilmore is the epitome of all Adam Sandler films and it stands as good reason as to why, with it's breakneck pace of jokes and variety, all while giving the formulaic sports feel good movie that people are accustomed to but in a different kind of sport.

Next up is The Waterboy in our look back and as Chubbs says "We've only just begun."

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