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Happy Father's Day to ‘Good Times’ actor, John Amos

When it comes to television shows that have set the tone for the role of the strong "father figure," one show comes to mind. "Good Times." The man of the hour is TV/film star, John Amos,who brought to life the role of James Evans through the insight of a man who cherishes the role of being a father in his own real life family off the stage.

TV/Film Star, John Amos
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In each episode where he appeared, Amos reached inside of his psyche to break through the fourth wall of theater and connect with humanity through saying what had not been said but what needed to be said to his TV kids on the set as well as to the viewers who sat in full attention in anticipation of his entrance through the front door coming home from work.

Amos' role remains relevant even today in its effect to nurture good old fashioned family values that still remain true in their essential message. Stay in school. Work hard in school to be successful. Be respectful to your mom and dad. Those who stop to take time to watch an episode or two will get a chance to hear these consistent straight ahead truths in the emotional conversations between Amos and his TV kids as they met with the challenges of economic uncertainty, poverty, peer pressure and other social and economic issues. Through Amos, America watched a family battle through the ups and downs of life holding firm to integrity, patience, and the hope of a better tomorrow.

With Father's Day at hand, Amos' real life son, KC, took the opportunity to write a poignant blog post about his dad's positive influence on his life. KC, a film producer, spoke of watching his dad on the series as a child and how the experience inspired him to become a director/producer. He spoke of working with him recently producing and directing a new film, “Mercy for Angels” which stars his dad in front of the camera. A father and son collaboration, the film addresses the harsh realities of street life, survival and the issue of human trafficking. KC shared about his utmost respect for his dad and their work together to make a difference in the world we live in...something that he continues to learn from his ‘Pops.'

KC wrote the blog post to honor his dad on Tom Joyner's site which featured select posts of stars celebrating the meaning of Father's Day. Soon the news began to spread and people from all walks of life began clicking on the "like" button,leaving comments on Joyner's site and Amos' facebook page expressing their gratitude toward their mutual TV dad, John Amos. The movement of the story and the comments continue to generate the viral interest of fans through news feeds including social media sites as they cheer Amos for his impact upon their lives.

Happy Father’s Day, John Amos, America's TV dad who continues to raise a nation with the epitome of integrity and the human insight to create a role that has set the bar in capturing the pure essence of fatherhood.

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