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Happy Father's Day, to both Fathers

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day
Photo: Constant Contact

You know all those things you do for your kids without ever mentioning them, and that almost always go unnoticed? Things like, resealing the cereal bag so that it won't go stale; noticing their car keys someplace they shouldn't be and putting them where they belong; all the little reminders you give them, nonchalantly, about an upcoming deadline for; school, work, etc.

Our Father, God, does the same for us. He does many things, never mentions them, and they usually go unnoticed by us. Things like the potential car accidents that He has saved us from; health issues, in spite of our oftentimes bad choices; and circumstances at work - how many times has He favored and graced you, when you were facing a difficult situation?

This Father's Day as you celebrate, are grateful for, and thank your earthly father for all that he has done for you, and what he means to you, remember your heavenly Father. Thank Him also!