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Happy Father's Day Providence 2014

Father and son graduation
Father and son graduation
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Thomas Edison once said, "We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything. But we do know this: Fatherhood is a blessing! It is not bestowed on every man. It is not even particularly bestowed on those men who are deserving of the honor. But it is nevertheless a blessing”.

Today I would like to wish every father I have ever had the pleasure of knowing a Happy Father’s Day. In fact that Father's Day wish includes fathers that I don't know and that includes dads, step-dads, surrogate dads and father figures alike. Because it takes a special kind of man to step into those shoes of his own free will when so many other men abandon their post. But this is a day of celebration when families can gather the many fathers in their family's together if they so choose or bond with each other as well as tighten the bond between dads and their children as well as husbands and wives, all in one fell swoop in one incredible celebratory day. Truly amazing. Cheers to your fatherhood and I hope today is a great holiday for you all.