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Happy Endings for all ages in Hollywood

The Happy Ending Bar Hollywood, CA
The Happy Ending Bar Hollywood, CA

In my line of work I can't tell you how often I hear that Hollywood has no places for the forty plus crowd to hang out and just kick back without feeling out of place, under dressed or just plain too old for the scene. It's true, Hollywood reeks of youth and the scantily clad and can be disappointing for the generations of people who aren't going out to be seen and to be a part of the whole "Hollywood" charade.

There exists a little place at 7038 Sunset Blvd where the over 40 club and the young at heart can eat, drink and be merry without feeling out of place. The Happy Ending Bar is a local favorite that is welcoming to all age groups and where, depending on the night, you can dance the night way, drink your sorrows away or even rekindle your college days! Each night of the week, The Happy Ending Bar has something fun and exciting to offer. Hop in on a Monday for traditional karaoke, or if you'd prefer to be accompanied by your own live band, head in for karaoke on Wednesday night instead. The Happy Ending Bar has their drink prices crashing lower than the stock market on Tuesdays and for all you eternal fraternity boys out there, classic college games of beer pong and flip cup take place every Thursday night. Weekends are dedicated to dancing the night away and Sundays let you sit back and listen to the spinning of DJ Danny Farrell all night long.

The Happy Ending Bar serves lunch and dinner every day of the week and the menu has a delicious array of all the traditional bar favorites such as mac n' cheese, baby back ribs and chicken skewers. They do offer up some more unique entrées such as mahi mahi fish tacos,  fillet Mignon sliders on pretzel rolls, and some incredible salads for the health conscious. For a closer look at the offerings at The Happy Ending Bar, please click here:

If you're over the age of 21 and looking to break away from the oh-so-trendy-Hollywood hype, The Happy Ending Bar might just be the place you are searching for!

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