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Happy endings at The Animal Foundation's Best in Show

I still like food...
Courtney Cox

Only three more days until The Animal Foundation's 11th Annual Best in Show and the 54 cute competitors are busy with their interviews, photo shoots and spa appointments... or they might just be cuddling their foster parents and chewing on squeaky toys. Either way, did you ever wonder what happens after the show? No, not the late night parties or the endorsement deals, but life after the competition. Welcome to the first installment of "Best in Show Pups - Where Are They Now?".

Do you remember Nevada, the unbearably adorable 4 month old German Shepherd Mix who by her own admission was an "under the couch" sleeper and enjoyed food, food and more food? Well, she doesn't quite fit under the couch anymore (and it's not because of the food). Nevada is now a healthy, happy, gorgeous young lady. She was adopted by Dave and Cathy DeHart, owners of DeHart Construction out of Redlands, CA. Nevada wasn't available for comment because she was napping, but Courtney (her 2 legged sister) had this to say: "Nevada isn't quite the tiny puppy anymore, she is a solid 45lb girl who loves to play chase, chew her toys, and play with her doggie friends at Coventry day care in Redlands, CA. She is a goofy dog who still trips over her own paws quite a bit. She brings a lot of happiness to my parents and sister. Overall we are thrilled to have participated in last year's event and even more thrilled to have Nevada in our family."

Tickets are still available for the event. Attend and you too could welcome a furry new family member into your heart. Remember, once the ticker tape parade and talk show (bark show?) appearances are over, these little guys need a home to call their own. Please support The Animal Foundation as they find homes for these deserving little pups.

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