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Happy Ending for Sally

UPDATE: Sally is now available for adoption and she is more than ready for her forever home and family!

This is Sally today, two weeks after she was found and rescued.
Liz Kover with Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue

Please follow the link below if you are interested in adopting Sally or just want to learn more about her.

Sally was found chained to a fence in a field with no food or water in California two weeks ago. She had been used as a bait dog in fighting and had severe puncture wounds and lacerations on her body as a result, her muzzle had been more than likely bound while other dogs attacked her and she had also been used for breeding purposes. Needless to say, Sally had been used in all the worst ways. But luckily an unknown woman saw her chained to a fence in a field, where she had been left to die and saved her by calling 911. A number of people and organizations are responsible for getting Sally the medical attention she needed and quickly, before it was too late. Now Sally is on her way to a full recovery and she will be up for adoption soon as well. She is in a home with a foster Mom, and is getting all of the love, attention and treats that any dog could want or need. Luckily for Sally, there is a happy ending to her story but unfortunately there are many animals that do not meet the same fate. We as humans, as animal lovers have to do what we can to help those in need. Be vigilant and call your local authorities if you see an animal that is in need of help. Pay attention and take notes and pictures to help bring the abusers to justice and to get the animals to safety so there can be more happy endings for animals like Sally.

Continue to follow Sally's story at

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