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Happy Endangered Species Day!

Stop offers free endangered species pics
Stop offers free endangered species pics
Endangered Species Coalition

This is the 5th year anniversary of Endangered Species Day organized by the Endangered Species Coalition. Started by the United States Senate, Endangered Species Day is the third Friday in May. Every year, thousands of people throughout the country celebrate Endangered Species Day at parks, wildlife refuges, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, libraries, schools and community centers.

You can participate in festivals, field trips, park tours, community clean-ups, film showings, classroom presentations, and many other fun and educational activities.

Endangered Species Day is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the endangered species near you and the everyday actions you can take to help protect them.  There are several ways to celebrate, including checking out an Endangered Species Day event here, learning about Hawaiian endangered species, locating resources and educational materials including handouts and factsheets, and taking the Endangered Species Pledge.

You can also discover 10 Things You Can Do at Home to Protect Wildlife and Wild Places.

It's not hard to find some small thing to do today. It's best to start small, and try to do one or two things repeatedly throughout the year. Now get out there and save something!