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Happy employees create raving fans

Post office clerk laughs with a customer
Post office clerk laughs with a customer
Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Employees are a major key in the impression the customer will have about your business, and how they feel about their experience. If employees are not happy, it will be evident in business results, because that means the customers are not happy with the service. Good morale and happy employees build lasting relationships with the customer.

“Happy employees make the customers happy. Studies show very clearly that when employees like their jobs, customers get better service and are more satisfied.” says Alexander Kjerulf, author of 'Happy Hour Is 9 to 5'.

Walter Chen, of, writes about the Zappos mindset, "Founder Tony Hsieh said that once you get the culture right, the other elements of a successful business follow. Zappos has shown the strength of the symbiosis of company culture and servant leadership. At Zappos, customer service is everyone’s responsibility, from the lowest level employee to upper management. Moreover, it’s not only about service to customers, everyone in the company has a duty to serve their colleagues within the company in equal measure."

Positive employee morale is one of the major signs of an organization's progress towards developing a customer-focused culture, which is necessary for delivering quality services, and having customer loyalty.