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Happy Chinese Year!

Welcome to the Lunar New Year and spring time.

Hard to feel the gentle, balmy breezes at present, but spring will have arrived all the same with Chinese New Year.

Hard to feel the gentle, balmy breezes at present, but spring will have arrived all the same.

Welcome to the Year of the Horse

In China and other points east, 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse.

In Chinese mythology, wood is growth, renewal and life, while the Horse brings luck.

Feeling a little magical today?

It’s apt. In addition to strength and heroism, Horses have supernatural powers.

Horses can even fly.

And it’s just as well.

The Horse is all about extremes of luck, temperament and circumstances.

Expect ups and downs over money all year long.

Are you a Horse?

To find out if you’re a Horse, start with the year 1906 and keep adding 12 years until you reach your birth year.

If you hit the money, then you were born in a Year of the Horse.

You’ll like being a horse – popular, fun-loving, generally cheerful.

People find your childish innocence and sunny disposition charming, plus you’re a lucky bastard because your wild-ass hunches almost always pay off and you’re almost always right.

On the down side, you don’t like to be told what to do, and you’re plain spoken when asked your opinion, so it’s best that others keep their cloak-and-dagger politics to themselves.

Celebrate Chinese New Year responsibly

Now that you’re in the know, have some fun. Use these tips to get your Chinese New Year off to a good start:

  1. Wear red. It’s your lucky color.
  2. Throw some money around. ‘Tis lucky to give and receive money, especially coins.
  3. Have a few words of wisdom to offer (if asked).
  4. While you might not have time to invite the family in and cook a big dinner, treat yourself to a special meal – even if that means Cheez-Its® and warm Fresca®.
  5. Build a paper lantern to get in the spirit.
  6. Adjust your Feng Shui – buy a new plant or a nice candle.



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