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Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse! (But first, let's praise the Snake)

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year!

We're now in the two weeks (until the Valentine's Day Full Moon) that mark the Year of the Wooden Horse entering for 2014. And yes, in general, it should be a year more focused on adventure and general optimism than the Year of the Water Snake we just left. For many people that was truly rough one. Because it was ALL about shedding.

Someone had written me a couple weeks ago to say she was so darn sick of the Snake Year that if she saw one in the garden she'd probably shoot it. No, no, no, I told her, laughing, what a bad idea! In order to move into the New, it's always really good to always bless and honor what's leaving.

Let me explain.

1) Every one of the animals in the Pantheon hold a holy and exquisite purpose. And if you've read Outrageous Openness, you know I'm particularly fond of snakes... as are many of us Plutonic types. In Hindu mythology, they're sacred to my beloved Lord Shiva, and emblematic of death and REBIRTH. Shiva lingams, Kali, Pluto and Scorpio....all of it are connected to snake medicine.

(And if you don't know what Plutonic means, get OO, ok?)

So the serpent this past year guided folks to shed and shed ALL they no longer needed. Old thoughts, old ideas, old stuff, old identities. The more flexibility and willingness you had with that, the easier it went. And the lighter you go for galloping in the Horse Year. Everything outgrown was meant to go (and it's not too late).

2) For me personally, the year was definitely no picnic but oh how I wish to bless it! So much left that no longer fit in ANY way ... including old lingering Libra-Rising habits of people-pleasing and doormat-itis. Gone gone gone with the Blessed Snake.

So I bow to you O serpent...You put me thru my paces and stripped me (often so darn painfully) of what my ego would never have shed on its own. I am so deeply grateful.

It can be wonderful to take a few minutes and feel gratitude to for whatever the Snake Year taught you. Or released you from. After all, it's only polite. Even to a Snake!

3) The more you bless and embrace ANY transition, the more you open to its blessings. And if you curse and hate a certain transit, guaranteed you'll find a lot to curse and hate in the next one too. Just how it all goes.

"Change Me Divine Beloved into One who can bless the mystery of my Life's unfolding. Open my heart to forgive and bless all that has occurred so I may be made wildly open to the dazzling New.

I am Yours. You are Mine. All is well. We are One."