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Happy Cakes Bakeshop carries gluten free cupcakes twice a week

A mouthwatering gluten free snickerdoodle cupcake from Happy Cakes Bakeshop
A mouthwatering gluten free snickerdoodle cupcake from Happy Cakes Bakeshop
Libby Smith

Nestled between Julia Blackbird's and West Side Books on west 32nd Avenue, Happy Cakes Bakeshop is a staple for any Denver Highlands resident, with gluten free cupcakes that are unmatched.  From traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate to snickerdoodle and french toast, they now carry gluten free cupcakes every Thursday and Saturday.  And with Valentine's day right around the corner, the creativity is sure to be flowing in the flavor department.  The non gluten free list already leaves the mouth watering with flavors like Champagne, Raspberry Passion Fruit and Red Hot Velvet, to name only a few.

Unfortunately, due to their great popularity, the ladies at Happy Cakes no longer have the capacity to send out their weekly gluten free alert so if you are not already wandering the streets of Highlands Square it is recommended to call the shop before you arrive to make sure they still have cupcakes left and what flavors are on the menu for the day.  Of course you can always order in advance if you have a special occasion, check their website for more details on timing and minimum quantities. 

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  • Greg Olson 5 years ago

    Love the Happy Cakes. Haven't tested out the Gluten Free Cakes yet but what a great way for people looking for delicious gluten free option.

  • DeAnna 5 years ago

    Happy Cakes is such a cute little shop.
    GF people with Celiac should know, however, that Happy Cakes gf cupcakes contain too much gluten for us. It is a cross contamination issue. Both the gf and non-gf cupcakes are made in the same space, on the same equipment. Yes, they clean everything before they make the gluten-free items, but it just isn't to keep us from getting sick.
    Now, if you are gf for other reasons, and are not very sensitive, go for it!

  • Libby 5 years ago

    Thanks for the update for those who are highly sensitive DeAnna.

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