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Happy Birthday, Shelton Benjamin!

'Gold Standard'
'Gold Standard'
Jeff Lowell

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite professional wrestlers of all time: Shelton Benjamin! Shelton first caught my eye as a member of Team Angle on SmackDown. From then on I never watched one bad match with him in it. I selfishly want him to come back to a big American promotion so I can see this guy live again!

Benjamin, now wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling, is one of the most athletic wrestlers in the world. The way he’ll go to jump on the top turnbuckle from the apron is impressive (as he makes it look too effortless). He has had incredible matches with the likes of Kofi Kingston, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, and was an easy choice to add to my wall of fame! In honor of the gold standard, I will countdown my top five favorite matches!

  • 5. Taboo Tuesday vs Chris Jericho His first Intercontinental title victory over the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time, JERICHO!
  • 4.Money in the Bank Ladder Match-WrestleMania 25 I hated/loved watching him in ladder matches (especially MITB) because he would go be amazing for 20 mins, do something that makes the crowd errupt, and not win. He should have won this a few times. (I mean, he does have a pin fall victory over Trips)
  • 3.Backlash vs RVD This is one of my favorite matches of all time (and he replied to my tweet about this match which was pretty awesome). This puts two of my favorites up against eachother during their feud in 2006. Talk about a showcase of two of the best of their generation!
  • 2.Monday Night Raw vs Shawn Michaels I bought the best of Raw DVD for this match only (the rest of it is pretty good too). The best part of this 5 star classic is the guy in the front row (dressed as a yellow Hogan) and his reaction when HBK superkicked Shelton coming off the ropes!
  • 1.SmackDown House show vs R-Truth in Charleston, WV This is my number one match with Shelton because it is the last match I got to see him at a Live event. It was a good match (that whole feud with R-Truth was good) and I could have left after that match (because he is the one I wanted to see). I was the only one standing up cheering (very loudly, I have a big mouth) in my section for the ‘Gold Standard’.

All singles matches made my top five, but he had some great matches in ROH with the Briscoe’s. He even had a few “dream matches” with Johnny Nitro/John Morrison/Mister Amazing, but I narrowed it down to those. Hopefully he’ll come back to american T.V (ain't no stoppin' me.....sorry, had to) or someone tells me how to watch NJPW matches. So maybe one day this list will change with some much deserve world title victories and more show stealing matches!

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