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Happy Birthday Pisces!


Sun enters Pisces February 18, 2010.

The sun, astrologically representative of our ego, will, self, and life force, entered Pisces today at 1:36 pm est.  Pisces is the mutable, or adaptable, water, or feeling sign of the zodiac.  Pisces changes the fixed winter of Aquarius into the time of winter changing into spring.  Pisces, the intuitive healer, is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirtituality, fantasy, dreams, illusions, and delusions.  Pisces has domain over the psychological and subconscious mind and has an affinity toward the spiritual creation of art inluding music and meditation.  Pisces is where the lines blur between heaven and earth, winter and spring, and marks the end of the zodiac.  

Where Pisces is in your birth chart is where you will see the light shine for the next month.

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  • Phenomena 5 years ago

    Succinctly presented...and some of us couldn't be happier the Sun is now in Pisces!

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