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Happy Birthday, Freedom

We the people
We the people
Taken from the constitution

I hate birthdays and get very depressed. I don’t know if its because my birthday is on a national holiday or because I am feeling old and decrepit, or if it is a reminder that all those youthful dreams and expectations remain unfulfilled. The one good thing about my birthday is the celebration of this magnificent country. In an era when people are thinking only about themselves and their distrust for politicians, I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I got to live through this period of time. In the entire saga of human existence, the history of the US, and by extension, several but not all countries, is a shining example of freedom for all.

Our freedoms are precious,and the battle to stay free is ongoing. In this country we still have the freedom to say and think what we want, right or wrong. We all have preconceived notions, and therefore are all bigoted, but any effort to curtail thought that we don't agree with or that is not politically correct, should be shunned. For more than 4,000 years we have lived with just 10 commandments. The Constitution and the Declaration of independence was written on a single page. Without us even noticing it, the overly huge government bureaucracy has hemmed us in with a mountain of laws and regulation and has switched roles with us. “We the People ..., in Order to form a more perfect Union, ordain”, not the other way around. We ordain and decree to the government.

In this holiday season, we celebrate freedom, not given to us by elected officials, nor by the democratic rule of the majority. It is a God given right that can not be taken away from us, even by oppression. For most of man's history, freedom has been beaten down, intimidated or squashed, but it has always and still beats in the heart and inspires the soul in every man. We here in America celebrate freedom, but not just for us, but for all of mankind. Think about the people in Afghanistan, in North Korea, in China, in Russia (which still exists) and pray for the oppressed.