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Happy birthday Cooper Harris, love Coopers Treehouse Foundation

It was 46 days ago today when little Cooper Harris would have his last meal, and be strapped into his car seat for the last time. After he was strapped in, he received a kiss from his father Justin Ross Harris, for the last time. Just over 7 hours later, when chaos surrounded the two people that brought him into this world two years ago today, Cooper Harris from Cobb County, Georgia, would be earning his angel wings and becoming the most talked about hot car death victim in America.

Despite his untimely and tragic demise, Cooper's future is looking pretty bright if the founders of his Treehouse Foundation have anything to say about it. Happy birthday Cooper Harris!
Harris courtesy of Coopers Treehouse via Facebook

It has happened to many victims before and since then, but there has been something about this case and the relationships involved that has gotten Team Mothers of America and Everywhere very angry. One group of women has become so angry in fact that a foundation has been established in Cooper's memory to make sure this precious angel is given the recognition and memorials that he deserves, and to make sure it never happens again.

On the day that Cooper Harris would have turned two years old, the Toronto Relationships Examiner had a chance to talk with this dedicated group of women that are on a justice seeking mission for Cooper Harris.

Their wish today? To send love and shine as much light on this precious angel on his birthday as possible. Their goal after today? To change America, and to honor the memory of a little boy whose parents have been very worried about who is saying too much. And this is a group that is well on their way to doing just that.

When a child is lost in America, a nation grieves. While North America may lose children every single day due to one senseless act or another, every once in a while a case rocks the continent in a way that many feel their country will never be the same again.

People ask themselves and each other, "How can this happen in America?" "How can something so senseless and stupid happen in my own country?" "What can we do to heal?" "What can we do to make sure this never happens again?"

They are questions that brought together the group of women that has founded the Cooper's Treehouse Foundation as previously reported by the Toronto Relationships Examiner. The Toronto Relationships Examiner had a chance to talk with one of the founders today, and we have learned so much more about this dedicated cause than was previously reported.

The Cooper's Treehouse Foundation is a foundation that carries the mission of building parks, memorials, and even changing laws all over North America in their efforts to preserve the memory of this hot car death soldier.

The founder of the group, Canadian Natasha Stamplecoski Plaetschke is a Canadian who started the group as a means of healing. She wrote on the Facebook page for Cooper's Treehouse Foundation,

"On June 18th, 2014, in a sweltering hot day in Atlanta, Georgia, 22 month old Cooper was left in a vehicle for 7 hours by his father who claimed he 'forgot by accident'. Cooper died of hyperthermia, and marks on his small body, indicate that he fought to be free. The details are emerging now and they are gruesome.We need to stick together and find comfort somehow. It hard to comprehend how a father can snap his child into a car seat after breakfast and then in less than a minute, forget he was in the car?

He even spent close to 30 seconds in his car before he got out!!! This group was created out of respect for Baby Cooper and to keep his memory alive. Although we did not know him, our love that we have for this child will be clear in the posts...

Baby Cooper was alive for only 685 days, let us reach that number of members, at least, to show our support and lean on each other through this horrible event. Children are nothing but blessings, angels with invisible wings..and every single child born deserves love and protection."

Natasha also writes regularly on her blog, raising awareness and honoring the memory of hot car death victim Cooper Harris however she can.

Since she started this group, this amazing group of women has selflessly donated their time and their energy to this group. What first was a haven for healing and support among mothers grieving for a child they never met, has become a group that is on a mission to find justice for Cooper Harris.

A quick visit to the Facebook page makes the mission very clear. On any given day, posts of support and news updates about the hot car death case of Cooper Harris, his parents Ross Harris and Leanna Harris, will pepper the news feed. Today, on Cooper's birthday, Team Mom of the Cooper's Treehouse Foundation is celebrating for Cooper.

They've made sure he has a cake, balloons, birthday cards, and even home made pictures from the kids of Team Mom just for Cooper on this special day.

One of the first members of the group, Amy Melissa Kirby, mother of four, generously offered some time in her Saturday afternoon to chat with the Toronto Relationships Examiner about the group, its purpose, and what they hope to accomplish. Amy said she first came to this group because she just needed a place for healing after hearing about the tragedy that earned Cooper his angel wings. She even thought her reasons for coming to this group were "selfish."

Amy, like many other mothers that have watched in horror as the details of the relationships in this case have panned out, needed a place "somewhere" that would help her make sense of what had happened.

"At first I just wanted to learn more. I know it sounds selfish, but I did come to the group for…kind of selfish reasons. I just kept looking at my four kids and…just needed something to make sense of it all."

It is a "selfish" wish that many mothers all across North America have had, a wish that many moms want granted, a wish that just makes sense of it all. This wish also has many moms wondering, why isn't the mother of this child acting as "selfishly" in the name of justice for Cooper Harris? Instead, others are using the word "selfish" in relation to Ross Harris and Leanna Harris and wondering why they are more concerned about themselves, rather than in a selfless quest of justice for their son.

But Amy Kirby doesn't want to talk about Justin Ross Harris, Leanna Harris, or the sordid relationships in the center of this case. This woman, who has taken what limited spare time that she has, after her full time job working with the New Britain Police Museum in New Britain, Connecticut and as the Founder and President of the New Britain Historical Society, and as a working mother of 4 kids, would rather call herself "selfish", than make comments about a mother who is, by all accounts, the most invisible force in the case that is seeking justice for Cooper Harris.

Instead, Amy Melissa Kirby came to the group that is now called the Cooper's Treehouse Foundation in an effort to grant her own "selfish" wishes, to just make sense of it all. Having worked with the New Britain Police Museum, and in many public works areas, Amy knows law enforcement and how they operate. She has even worked directly with the New Britain Chief of Police, a man that is directly responsible for the development technology software that is used by the CIA and FBI to investigate cases where computer forensics are used to solve crimes, just like this one.

Amy is currently working in Collection Management and Curatorial Direction and Oversight department of the New Britain Police Museum, she is also a founder and President of the New Britain Historical Society, in New Britain, Connecticut. It was not long after her arrival at the Facebook page now known as Cooper's Treehouse Foundation that she, and many of the other women there, began to co-ordinate their skills, talents, and efforts, into a tangible project that would help them heal and move forward.

Those efforts and combined talents have snowballed into an incredible mission, to place parks in Cooper's name all over America. As a former Project Co-Ordinator for New Britain Parks and Recreation, Amy has a substantial amount of skills and talents to bring to the table in helping these wishes become granted. She also knows non-profit like the back of her hand.

Amy knew that as a founder of the New Britain Historical Society, she would be able to use the 501 ( c ) (3) status of the historical society to piggyback Cooper's Treehouse Foundation on. This way, all of the monies donated in Cooper's name would go exactly where they are intended to go. Once the ladies at Cooper's Treehouse began turning their wishes into action plans, Cooper's Treehouse Foundation was born.

There is no stone in this wish of parks and recreation for Cooper Harris that is being left unturned by this volunteer group of moms. They've established a foundation, they've begun a petition that they are hoping to take to the White House to turn hot car death crimes into a felony in every state, and they are also accepting donations for the cause via a Go Fund Me page and Paypal page.

All of the donations will be going directly into an account that is attached to a non-profit organization with the designation 501 ( c ) (3). Amy says that any donations are always gratefully accepted, and whether donations come in from an individual tax payer, or from a corporation, tax receipts can and will be available to account for those donations. Additionally, this designation will assure any possible donors that no human being will ever touch the funds unless an expense for Cooper's Parks is required.

Not many two year olds get an entire park for their birthday, but this very special group of moms is hoping he gets one in every state, and in Canada, as soon as the fundraising will allow. In addition to setting up all of the administrative work necessary to accomplish this incredible gift in Cooper's memory, Cooper's Treehouse Foundation has also done some incredible city planning to find the right location for their park.

They don't want the location of their first park to be revealed just yet, but the group is in talks with the city and officials in the location in question, and are on a mission to make it work. In addition to choosing the first location for the park, the group is also hoping to have corporate investments in their fundraising goals, and will be seeking donations and fundraising efforts from companies in the local areas, as well as corporations that have already been attached to this case, such as the Chick Fil-A restaurant chain as well as Home Depot.

All for little Cooper Harris, a child many of them have never even met.

Once Cooper's Treehouse Foundation reaches its first goal of $50 thousand dollars, it will become its own foundation and will no longer need to piggyback on the New Britain Historical Society.

Donors that wish to become a part of a memory of a child that will one day sweep all across the continent can donate through the Paypal page for Cooper's Treehouse Foundation, or can donate on the Go Fund Me Page seeking Justice for baby Cooper for the Foundation as well.

If a donation is not possible at this time, founders of Cooper's Treehouse Foundation would love the gift of a signature on a petition that will make hot car death a felony in every state in America.

Just an email address is needed to sign this petition for Cooper's Law,

"We petition the Obama Administration to: Make it illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle at any time in all states.
Baby Cooper's Law.

On June 18th 2014 Cooper Harris was left in the car to die. Cooper Harris died from hyperthermia, a condition in which the temperature of the body spikes due to the heat.

Too many children have died or almost died from being left unattended in a vehicle. Some states do not have a law in affected regarding leaving children in vehicles.

We hereby ask that Baby Cooper’s Law will make it illegal to leave a child in any vehicle at any time in all states. Currently only 19 states in the US have laws that specifically make it illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle."

Amy's birthday wish for Cooper is that one day, every August 2, a birthday party in the parks that memorialize this hot car death angel will be held to celebrate change and justice in the way of hot car death victims all over the country. Today however, she has a very special thought for baby Cooper,

"I just want him to know that a lot of people are thinking of him today, and that we will make sure his light shines very bright."

A eulogy written by the founder of Cooper's Treehouse Foundation is a grave reminder of who isn't fighting for justice for Cooper. Instead, little baby Cooper has Team Moms of America fighting for him, remembering him on this special day, and on every day as justice for his senseless loss is remembered, while Justin Ross Harris sits in jail, and Leanna Harris in Alabama.

For Cooper, Natasha wrote her wishes as well in a loving eulogy that expresses the same thoughts and love that many moms in the world have felt for this little boy since his tragic death.

"A Eulogy Cooper Deserved.

Cooper, I cannot believe this has happened, I am lost and I am in a state of shock, and Mommy is not doing well. You came into my life and from the moment I knew I was expecting and my heart fell in love with you from that moment.

I could not wait to have you here with me, in my arms, safe with me. I held you and promised that I would take care of you and never let anything happen to you. I could not save you on June 18th and for that, I will never forgive myself.

I would give anything to have you back in my arms again. I would sell my soul if it meant you could return to me. The world is broken, but I brought you into this world with a promise of protection. You gave me a reason to be a better person, a reason to laugh and to feel joy. Your smile is burned into my memory and I will never stop thinking and dreaming about you..You were my life, you will always be my life.

One day Cooper, we will be together again, and Mommy will play cars and trucks with you and pick you up and spin you around and around again..

You changed my life Cooper, for the better. I know that you knew how much I loved you, I know that. I could see it in your eyes every time you saw me. You lit up and raised your arms in the air for me to pick you up, and I did.

I will never stop dreaming of you my baby, my life has been shattered now and I don't know how I will live without you.

Mommy will be there with you soon...I love you."

Happy birthday baby Cooper Harris! Do you have any birthday wishes for Cooper?

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