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Happy birthday, Albuquerque

Albuquerque incorporaiton chart
Albuquerque incorporaiton chart
Data provided by Sandy Bryan

People get one birthday per body.   Cities frequently have multiple birthdays, each with special significance for local historians, genealogists, travel writers and other authors.

April 15th is an important day in Albuquerque, not only because it's the income tax filing deadline, but because it's the official legal birthday of the City of Albuquerque.

Albuquerque's best-known birthday is its founding by Spanish Conquistadors in 1706, a date that was the basis for the city's Tricentennial celebrations in 2006.   Sandy Bryan, Albuquerque author and astrologer, provided the data for the founding chart.  It is set with the Sun at the midheaven, reflecting the uncertainty of precise timing.   

The 1891 chart, for which Sandy Bryan also did the research and provided data, is the offical incorporation of the present city government.   The time is a based on the city's celebration of its new government.

Albuquerque was an Aquarian city, eclectic and innovative, at its discovery; it took on the forceful, goal-directed Aries personality with its incorporation in 1891.   By 1891, it was a railroad city, well-described by its Aries Sun and machinery-loving personality.  

Tourists may come to town for the eclectic ethnic traditions and innovative balloons of the original city.  People who do business with Albuquerque are dealing with the modern Aries personality.   The city's crime statistics are also related to the incorporation birth date.

Sandy Bryan is president of the New Mexico Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and author of the monthly column, Cosmic Weather Report.

In the incorporation chart, the City's sun is intercepted, which means it's in a sign that isn't on the cusp of any house or division of the chart.   The condition has a lot in common with living in a guest house that's invisible behind the main house.   The intercepted Sun is less visible, and the city's personality is seen more clearly by most people as it is represented in the "founding" chart.

The "founding" chart is, of course, not the original chart for Albuquerque either--just the first available date.


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