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Happy Birthday Aaliyah: A Memoir

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, "Aaliyah" would have been 35 years old today, January 16, 2014. The entertainer - known for her smooth, innocent, yet striking allure is forever a fixture in musical history.

Aaliyah would have been 35 today; Happy Birthday Aaliyah!!
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As a multi-talent, she proved to be one of the most loved and appreciated R&B singers to rise to fame. She was also a dancer who moved so effortlessly, others still try to emulate. Acting seemed to be her next forte, as she seemed to be heading more and more to the big screen.

Many fans remember that horrid day of her tragic accident; it will be thirteen years this August since earth lost the beautiful Aaliyah. The pain still stings many hearts - and to some it is still hard to realize.

Her memory lives on through her work.

The likes of Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and DMX have expressed their tributes and memoirs to Aaliyah, and more recently, Drake and Chris Brown have both featured her voice in their own music. Hearing her angelic voice in new music has a rather surreal effect and tricks the mind into thinking that she is back with us for a moment. However, facing reality, we know she is gone from earth forever.

If there is a choir in heaven though, we know Aaliyah is a lead singer.

Happy Birthday Aaliyah; we miss you, but your music lives on! Thank you for your gift!

Enjoy "Back and Forth", one of my favorites and Aaliyah's debut to the world.

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