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Happy Anniversary! How Far Have I Come?

Good evening everyone! Well, today I received an email from the Examiner, congratulating me on 4 years of hard work and dedication of writing. To be perfectly honest, I was not expecting that, nor have I been counting the years! I have been just enjoying the ride, and the pleasure of being able to write articles for my blog.

As I was planning what to write about this week, I was sidetracked by the anniversary email, and as a result, I decided to change the focus of my next article. So what would I write about? After a few short minutes, I decided to look back at my first article to see what I wrote about.

You are going to be amazed at the subject of that article…I couldn’t believe it myself. I actually wrote a review of my brand new cell phone…are you ready for this? The Palm Pre! Needless to say, I no longer have the phone. After careful consideration, research, and evaluation, I decided to jump on the iPhone bandwagon over Android, and that was in 2012. I held on to that Palm for as long as I could. I really loved that phone; mainly for the way that I was able to multitask on it, when iPhones weren’t doing that. After the last IOS upgrade, I was thrilled that Apple finally allowed for this type of functionality.

So what else can I say that I have done in 4 years other than keeping up my blog and writing? I have passed 3 professional and technical certifications, passing each with self study and on the first try. I learned quite a few new technologies, kept up my skills, took some online CBT’s online at my job, and even recently got a new job. But, the best accomplishment in my book was getting my MBA. Doing all that, having a family, being a working professional, while handling of all the other everyday things in life is no small feat.

I can honestly say that keeping with the blogging has been a bit tasking at times, but in many ways, it has been therapeutic. When you’re faced with writing emails, creating documentation, or writing a 10 to 15 page research paper, blogging can be a great outlet when you are basically free to write about what you want to, and not what you have to.

Cheers, and here's to more writing and blogging!