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Happy Anniversary 1964

50 years ago
50 years ago
Image collage by Marianna DeBolt 2014

"They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family!" Snap snap! After recently seeing the stage play of the Addams family, the history of the old tv show has me intrigued. The year was 1964. What else happened in US history in 1964, 50 years ago?

Along with the Addams Family, other classic tv shows that debuted in 1964 were the Munsters, Gomer Plye USMC, Bewitched, and Gilligan's Island.

In Feburary, the Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show as well as the release if their album "A Hard Day's Night" and # 1 songs "I want to hold your hand" and "Love me do".

The musicals "Hello Dolly" at New York City's St. James Theatre opens on January 16 and "Funny Girl" opens March 26 at the Winter Green but transferred to the Majestic theatre.

Lyndon Johnson defeated Republican Barry Goldwater in the US Presidential Election. The same year, he signed the Civil Rights act to end segregation on public places.

United States troops have increased to 21,000 during the Vietnam war.

Unlike the alternating every two year Olympic schedule we follow today, both winter and summer Olympics were held in the same year. The 1964 Winter Olympics was held in Tokyo, Japan while the Summer Olympics was held in Innsbruck, Austria. The United States were among the top ten countries in the most medals bringing home 36 gold medals.

New York City was the home to the 1964 World's fair which drew a total of 51 million people. Its theme, "Peace Through Understanding,"promoted American industry as well as an exhibit of new and developing technologies.

The largest earthquake measuring 9.2 in magnitude shook for more than 3 minutes near Anchorage, Alaska killing 125 people and leaving massive damage to the city and coastline with a tsunami, landslides, and ground fissures with eleven aftershocks for days after.

Happy 50th Anniversary to 1964. A year of history , new beginnings and the birth of today's classics.


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