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Happy 50th Birthday Daredevil

Happy Birthday Daredevil
Happy Birthday Daredevil

Today we would like to say "Happy Birthday to Matt Murdock!" That's right Daredevil debuted 50 years ago today. Daredevil, our blind super hero, was created by Stan Lee, the writer and editor, and artist Bill Everett.
Matt Murdock was a poor kid, who grow up in Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. He father was a prized fighter. Matt was nicknamed Daredevil by some neighborhood kids because other than playing with them he would study, or so they thought. Matt would secretly be training in his father's gym. Matt Murdock wasn't always blind. He saved a man who was going to be hit by a truck and during saving the man the trucks cargo of toxic chemicals spilled in Matt's face. This blinded him, but also gave him super human senses and a new radar sense that allowed him to see, despite being blind.
His father, Jack Murdock known as Battlin' Jack, supported him until he was killed by gangsters for not throwing a fight. When Matt grow up he opened a law firm and took on the secret identity of Daredevil. He trained with a martial arts master named Stick, who taught him how to use his radar senses. Daredevil fights for justice against villains like Kingpin, Electro, Bullseye, and many more.
From the comic book loving community, we say, "Happy Birthday Daredevil! Keep up the amazing work!"