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Happy 25th birthday to you World Wide Web

connecting us since 1991
connecting us since 1991

In early 1989 the Internet was entering its 20th year of existence. At that time it was used mostly by governments, universities and a handful of other technology organizations. It was hard to navigate and find information. Soon that was about to change when a scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) wrote a proposal for a software project to make the sharing of data easier. That was proposal was made on March 12, 1989 and the project would turn into the WWW (world wide web).

After that proposal Mr. Berners-Lee purchased a NeXT computer and went to work on the young WWW. After 2 and a half years of hard work, on August 6 1991, he published the first website. Not too many people accessed that first site for a few weeks after it was first made public. It was 2 and a half weeks after the publication of that webpage that it started getting traffic and kicked off a revolution that would change the way the Internet is used.

The next big step in the young web was when Mr. Berners-Lee posted the first photograph on the web in 1992. The photograph was for a comedy group called 'Les Horribles Cernettes, made up of administrative assistants at CERN. Before he posted the photograph Mr. Berners-Lee used another new software program called photoshop.

Since those early beginnings the WWW has grown dramatically giving rise to such sites as Yahoo, Google, MSN and AOL. Then came e-commerce sites, such as, New Egg, Amazon, Tiger Direct and Gateway. Soon the web grew into a tool that billions of people use on a daily basis to do shopping, chatting, going to social networks, watch videos and making phone calls.

So, happy birthday World Wide Web you came along way from that humble idea that one man wrote down 25 years ago. You have shaped our world into a interconnected hub that makes it possible for a person in Washington State to communicate with people all over the world.