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Happy 238th birthday America!

America celebrates her birth dating back to the Declaration of Independence a distictly reformed document
America celebrates her birth dating back to the Declaration of Independence a distictly reformed document
By Randy Pope

Happy birthday America! Did you notice that this celebration is on July 4 and America is celebrating her 238th birthday? What is the significance of that you ask? There is no question that the Declaration of Independence is influenced by reformed Christianity. Many critics of the fact that this nation was formed as a Christian nation cite the drought of Christian language in the Constitution as proof that the founders intended for America to be a secular nation. Well this is not September 17 and it is not the 227th birthday for America. There are some clear indications in the Constitution that the founders were carrying their understanding of Biblical doctrine into the By Laws (Constitution) of the land. The entire charter (Declaration of Independence) of the nation is a compendium of reformed doctrine.

Beginning in the preamble and straight through to the end of the document you are bombarded with reformation thought. The phrase, “Laws of Nature and of Nature's God” can only be deemed as referring to the God of Christianity. The founders were long-suffering in dealing with King George and they acted in accordance with the doctrine of the lesser magistrates as defined in “Lex Rex” and “Vidicae Contra Tyrannos.”

You can see the founders commitment to a Biblical form of government, based on local control and representation as you read through the grievances against the crown. They scold the king for disregarding good laws and imposing bad laws, which can only be defined by the fixed standard of Holy Scripture.

Right down to the end of the document when the founders exclaim to the world that Britain is waging an unjust war against them. The founders deemed the war unjust based on the reformed doctrine of just wars, based in the reformed doctrine of covenantal government.

This birthday message is not an exhaustive handling of the subject at hand, it is intended to point out the obvious that so many overlook. The Declaration of Independence is the founding document for the nation. The Constitution is her by-laws. Both show clear influence of reformed doctrine. The charter of the nation is reformed doctrine from start to finish. The President has stated and many Christians would agree, that this is no longer a Christian nation. There is no doubt that the powers that be are ignoring the charter and by-laws on which she was founded, making the character of the nation look less and less like her foundations. By virtue of the charter, until it is replaced, this is a Christian nation.

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