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Happness Starts with Happn: An App Tracks Love


Life is full of instances where relationships could have formed but didn’t. While the absence of an actual happening of these relationships may either place an individual in a regretful realm of “if only” or on a positive plateau of dreamy possibilities, Happn hopes to make these possibilities real by helping people find those they have crossed paths with.

Happn is a mobile dating app that uniquely uses a phone’s GPS location to show potential matches. It works by gathering information together to create a profile, and people’s profiles will pop up on the personal feed when they are within close proximity. Happn’s co-founder and CEO, Didier Rappaport, states that what makes Happn different from other mobile dating apps is that it is based on real life, as if “real life” makes a potential love story unfolding from surveillance that much more genuine and memorable.

The app may be useful for those who are too busy with their lives to actively meet others, or for people too shy to make plans. But would the extra dimension of knowledge, of a person’s whereabouts, provide busy people more time to meet others, or shy people to be more active in finding romantic relationships? On the other hand, knowledge of people’s whereabouts, even that of strangers, can not only prompt false clues about a person’s character, likes and dislikes, but dissolve the attractive mystery about a person that arguably paints a romantic relationship with an adventurous tone. Not knowing where the person is can be a part of this mystery. It is ironic that people can use Happn, and other dating apps, to know more about someone before arriving at the process of actually getting to know the significant other.

Happn takes “real life” seriously, for the app interprets and executes the concept of finding real love quite literally. If one believes that true love exists all around us, and is just around the corner, Happn points out where the opportunities are on a map. It might not be surprising for the next dating app to instruct daters on how to act and what to say based on their love interests’ profile information. In return for allowing people to follow potential lovers, Happn also manages to follow people on their love journeys.