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Happiness is a Warm Gun...yet again

A young mother canine found shot in the head, with her nursing pups dumped on a road in Texas.
A young mother canine found shot in the head, with her nursing pups dumped on a road in Texas.
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A Horrific story in Texas.

“Guns don't kill; people do...”

Back in 1969 when The Beatles released their “White Album” one of the tracks entitled “Happiness is a Warm Gun” might have raised a few eyebrows...just a few.

But today, the decades old track might serve well as an anthem, for what some might see as an increasingly gun-toting, trigger happy society bent on defending itself against...itself?

And all too often, the victims are the innocent, both animals and people, children, and the often the most vulnerable and defenseless of those among us.

On May 29th in Parker county, Texas, a female canine was found shot in the head, left roadside in a crate, with 10 puppies less than two weeks still nursing on the deceased animals body.

A school bus driver came across the tragic scene in the town of Springtown and according to local Sherriff Larry Fowler: “Parker County does not have an animal problem,” “We have a people problem. It's hard to imagine that someone would be so cruel as to execute any animal. But to kill a dog with nursing babies and leave such a gory picture is beyond human imagination.”

Gun rights advocates insist on the right to bear arms, and it is costing us dearly. It seems all too clear that there may be a fine line among many among us who we consider “responsible and capable” of being entrusted with lethal weapons. This line evidently can be easily crossed and we seem to be seeing more and more of it, as evidenced by continued random shootings, including the latest incident near Santa Barbara, California. Societal, economic, personal and other pressures seem to pushing more and more of us to the edge, and for some, there's inadequate managing mechanisms in place.

We seem to have passed the point of no return. These incidents while shocking many, or at least some of us to the core, have gradually become almost commonplace, and as we all know, guns aren't going away. Not any time soon.

Sadly, unless major unprecedented changes take place in the way values and priorities are perceived and practiced, we may only have more of the same on future horizons.

When moviegoers, children in public schools, random members of a “civilized” society and even animals are assaulted without sense and reason, the question arises: how sacred is life to us?

Authorities were continuing to seek information leading to an arrest in the above incident and a reward of up to $1,000 was being offered. The orphaned puppies were being surrogate weaned by two pit bulls at a nearby facility and will be put up for adoption at the appropriate time.

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