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Happiness is a Precious Gift not a Given Right

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ's Cross
Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ's Cross
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There are those who work and those who play. For those who work, they will reap the fruits of their labor; those who play will reap nothing but sorrow.

To which of the groups do you belong? Are you more driven to work hard despite those around you who play? Or perhaps you are more inclined to play hard while those around you work? Either way, it is indeed your choice.
In such lifestyles, God grants us freewill. This means that we have a choice to do right by God or wrong against Him. Most individuals who play will refute the ideal of right or wrong. For most people, there is no right way to do anything. It is now year 2014 and we do not act in the ways of the 1940s. Although the year may change, our values and Christian way of life, should not.

The beauty of our Lord is that He has not changed. Our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the same then, now and tomorrow. His compassion and great mercy for His children is eternal. However, it is how we live our lives that define our path. Happiness is not a granted gift but rather an earned one.

God’s love is indeed greater than our small human minds could ever fathom. Nonetheless, God’s willingness to test our love for Him is to be expected and accepted as a way of life. His mercy should be seen as an earned attainment and means to be appreciative.

If God wanted to, He could prolong His testing for as long as He finds fit. It is up to us to prove our love and willingness to do good for God. We already know God loves us. We already recognize that He wants us to love Him on our own account and not because He does things for us.

Happiness should not be sought but waited for patiently. It is a gift, something that is not meant to be constant. There is some kind of limit to happiness. If people are too happy for too long in life, this could mean many things. One reason for prolonged happiness would be due to a person’s unawareness and disbelief in our Lord. Another reason could be that this person is a hedonist and requires fun and excitement as a daily occurrence. Either reason is not a good enough one.

If our lives were supposed to be perfect, than Eve would not have taken the forbidden fruit and we would all still be living in the Garden of Eden. It was expected for us to fail. Evil was meant to be in the equation of our lives as a measure of our faith.

Stop with this relentless search for happiness and bliss. Be content with the life you have. Do you truly believe that we are supposed to be indefinitely happy our entire lives? The truth is too much happiness is not a good thing. As Christians, we should expect tribulations and we should be worried when things appear too perfect.

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