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Hanukah with the ancestors

J. Bauer

In the Evergreen cemetery here in the Springs is a section reserved for Jewish citizens. It is mostly very old and has a couple of ghost watching hits in it. The newest additions are close to the front gate and a few are even very (as in a day or so ago) recent.

The main ones to watch are in the far corner in what looks to be a very abandoned area. High, dry grasses swish against the weathered stones of only 2 lonely interred. One, by the dates, is a very old man and the other only a small boy. It does not appear that they are related for they are some distance from each other.

One wonders what has become of the others of the family who should have been planted nearby but there is no knowing. The low wall or curb is a great place to sit and enjoy their wonderful if desolate view out over the southern part of Colorado Springs toward Fountain and the Martin Luther King Jr. Highway overpass. 

It has been noted that if you sit there in the still hours of morning, before the dawn gust stirs over the hill, you may see a sheer manifestation of the boy by his stone gazing at his shoes kicking at the dust and sometimes the old man looking very sternly at you. One wonders if they are aware of each other and if the elder is keeping watch over the younger until he can move on.

Another thing to note, and it may just be imaginations of those walking the wee hours there, that that section of the yard behind the intricate iron gate is never cold. Even with the drifts of snow on the ground, it is a comfortable calm degree. It speaks of a peace which we all hope our resting places will be blessed with.