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Hans Schiller Piesporter Michelsberg

Feeling a bit under the weather lately I was fortunate to receive a little pick me up gift that brought a little sunshine into my clouded head, a bottle of 2011 Hans Schiller Piesporter Michelsberg. Yes, the same generic white wine that can be found virtually anywhere that wine is sold, yet this little blue bottle from the Mosel Valley was just what the doctor ordered to bring summer into the recent chilly spell gripping our corner of the world.

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Light yellow in the glass the nose is pleasant if unexciting blend of pear and apricot. The freshness of the bouquet led into a flavor profile with peach replacing the pear and a nice touch of lime at the end. Given the simple and clean aroma I expected a fairly light weight wine, surprisingly that did not prove out. There was a solid presence from this wine, not full of sweetness, though one wouldn’t call it a dry wine there was a softness that seemed more honeyed than sugary when savored in the mouth. The clean finish was not a shock, but the lingering tropical fruit notes were not expected. A very drinkable wine on its own it would pair nicely with light finger foods or fish, such as the ever present tilapia, add a little rice or pasta and a fruit plate and you have yourself a satisfying lunch.

A little research shows this wine is likely from Total Wine in Fort Myers. Don’t expect to pay a lot, but expect a refreshing and pleasant experience, just right for when the winter blues get you down.

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