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'Hannibal' season finale shows Jack, Alana, Will injured; season 3 spoilers

Mads Mikkelsen plays the lead character in NBC's Hannibal
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Hannibal Lecter definitely got the rise out of fans watching the season finale of “Hannibal” on Friday night. Not only did the viewers get the chance to close several story arcs of the season, but there is more to come so everyone was left on the edge of their seats. According to Zap2It on Friday, the fans are now wondering who will survive after watching the final moments of the season finale. Jack, Alana and Will were hurt by Hannibal.

It’s safe to say the suspense will be building over the summer. With Jack, Alana and Will all suffering horrible, perhaps even fatal, injuries, there was a sense of unrest about what to expect about the next season. Hannibal Lecter walked away from the evil moments looking health and safe, all to the dismay of the viewers. If fans were hoping to cheer on Hannibal’s bad deeds, this season finale would have been the perfect ending to the series.

One big shocker for the fans was seeing Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. According to IGN on Saturday, the moment was not part of a dream sequence but actually a real moment. Showrunner Bryan Fuller called it a Marvel movie moment. How Bedelia gets on the plane hasn't been revealed yet, but the next season (season three) will offer a little bit of background on what happens between the two characters and why there were sitting next to each other. Also revealed is who survived the intense bloodshed by Hannibal.

According to, “Hannibal” has never shied away from reminding viewers that its title character is a horrible person and is one of the most deceptive individuals on television. The friendships shattered in this season finale are completely over leaving the character charting new territory for the upcoming season. The survival of anyone with the outrageous wounds might be too much and this leaves Hannibal Lecter looking at new victims and new deceptions.

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