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2014 Winter Olympics

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Hannah Kearney whines about winning bronze at Olympic Moguls: ‘A broken heart’

Hannah Kearney whines about winning bronze at Olympic Moguls
Hannah Kearney whines about winning bronze at Olympic Moguls
Hannah Kearney/Twitter

Hannah Kearney’s whining at the Sochi Olympics is almost unbelievable. The talented athlete won a bronze medal for Team USA and made America proud at the Olympic Moguls. She should be holding her head up high and celebrating she won. According to the Washington Post on Saturday the athlete was beaten by Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe who are Canadian sisters that picked up the gold and silver medals in the competition.

The behavior of all athletes, both on and off the course, is extremely important. So when Kearney’s meltdown started at the news conference when she suggested that “it feels better to stand on top of the podium” when she won the bronze it was shocking. If you thought it was just a meltdown moment, then take a peek at Kearney’s Twitter stream. It suggests that winning bronze is terrible and that is such a ridiculous notion. Who else would be rude to complain about winning a medal at the Olympics?

“Bronze feels at lot like a broken heart,” tweeted out Hannah Kearney from her official Twitter account on Saturday. The athlete was obviously upset, but she made it out to be that her medal was a token for showing up at Sochi. “In better news, I contributed to the #TeamUSA medal count, I am healthy, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.”

It’s fair to say Kearney wasn't throwing shade at her competitors, but she does need a lesson in gracefulness and perhaps a discussion about her entitlement issues. She should be proud to be on the podium for America. Granted it wasn't at the top, but that’s definitely not something she should whine about. She got to chase her dream and do her best in the moment. For her to act this way makes Team USA look so bad.

Fans are not disappointed at Hannah Kearney’s medal placing, but if she continues to carry on perhaps she should give it back. That way America won’t be embarrassed about her disrespectful behavior.

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