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Hannah Connaway abuse victim raising funds for brain surgery and expenses

It is a 911 call that no friend ever wants to make. One that includes words like "screaming", "bleeding", and "threatening", and an overwhelming sense of helplessness that overcomes you when you see your friend lying on the ground unresponsive. This was the 911 call reported in the May 29 story of abuse by the Toronto Relationships Examiner. On May 23 Hannah Connaway was severely beaten by her boyfriend until she wound up in a medical coma. Hannah has survived the attack. On May 28 Time Warner Cable News reported the friends of Hannah Connaway have set up a fund to help her pay for the medical expenses incurred as a result of the attack.

This beautiful bright 17-year-old woman was about to start college in Hawaii this Fall. Now, she is fighting for her life.
HConnaway via Facebook

It was March 15, 2014 when the beautiful Hannah Connaway announced to the world that she was "Facebook official" and in a relationship with a man named Mike Hutton. On Friday, May 23, CBS News reports that police arrived at the Hutton home in response to a domestic disturbance reported via 911, only to find Hannah Connaway on the front lawn badly beaten and unresponsive. Hannah was taken immediately to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where she underwent immediate brain surgery and was induced into a medical coma.

On Saturday, May 24 Michael Hutton was charged with assault. He was bonded out by Monday, May 26. On Monday, May 26 the family of Hannah Connaway held a vigil to support her through her darkest hours. While she still struggled to stay alive, Michael Hutton walked free. That did not last long.

On Tuesday, May 27 Michael Hutton appeared in court to face the initial arraignment on his assault charges. It was then that his charges were upgraded to attempted first degree murder, assault by strangulation, and first degree kidnapping. The kidnapping charge occurred as a result of Michael keeping Hannah locked in the house while the attack was occurring.

Friend Claudine Williams told media outlets in the aftermath that she tried to get in the house to save and help Hannah, but Michael had locked all of the doors to the house and had locked Hannah in so he had her all to himself. Claudine Williams also reported that the attack only lasted 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes Claudine would call a friend for assistance, who is the friend that called 911.

Since arriving at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Hannah has undergone brain surgery, has been induced in a medical coma, and is making progress according to CBS News. When she will be released from hospital is uncertain, and every day the costs associated with her recovery escalate.

Time Warner Cable News reports that a friend that went to middle school with Hannah has gone to considerable lengths to help her family offset the medical costs through a Go Fund Me page. 18-year-old Joshua Knapp attended middle school with Hannah and told Time Warner that he was quite surprised by the entire situation. "You see this stuff on TV shows and you don't expect it to affect you, especially people as young as we are."

His mother Wendy says, "I wanted to find a way to channel the anger that he felt over what had been done to his friend, and I thought a positive way would be to somehow do a fundraiser to help with the medical expenses."

The Knapps put their heads and a few minutes together to establish a Go Fund Me page for Hannah Connaway's medical expenses. Joshua told Time Warner, "I expected it to reach $5,000, but not in less than 24 hours. That was mind boggling. It shows how many people actually care, whether they knew her or not."

Countless people have submitted monies to the Hannah Connaway Go Fund Me page. At the time of press, the goal stated is $20,000, and the page has already raised over $12,900 at the time of press. In addition to donations, anonymous donors are also leaving messages of prayers and support.

The message on the Go Fund Me Page describes Hannah and her injuries in as much detail as is necessary for the public.

Hannah Connaway 17 of Wilmington NC is fighting for her life after being brutally beaten by her boyfriend friday night and having emergency brain surgery. Hannah is in a coma at New Hanover Regional Medical Center with severe internal brain injuries and will require extensive medical treatment. Hannah is part of the 2010 graduating class of CFCI and was set to graduate and move on to the Univerity of Hawaii in the fall. The boyfriend has been charged with attempted murder,kidnapping and drug charges. Hannah served as an Azalea bell at this years Azalea festival, she is a very outgoing and beautiful young lady who needs our help with medical expenses. Please make a donation for Hannahs family no matter how large or small every donation counts. Thank you from the CFCI class of 2010 students and parents.

Some of the most inspiring messages left for Hannah are from other abuse victims, who have never even met her. These messages are not unlike those that remind victims of similarities between other high profile trials and the signs of abuse from Oscar Pistorius and Jodi Arias.

These men are monsters hidden behind charm. Men who appeared as good citizens, great friends and charming mates to the outside world. All the while inside they are soulless vessels of pain, torture and sometimes even death." anonymous God's Speed to a fully healed recovery.

I don't know you, but have been in your shoes: at one time, i too lived in north carolina and was beaten by my boyfriend. good luck to you and your family and i wish you a safe and speedy recovery.

The Knapps are organizing more fundraisers for Hannah in the Wilmington area. This will include the selling of T-shirts and a possible softball game. Joshua is surprised that so many people are alarmed by his efforts. He told Time Warner, "If it was your sister, granddaughter, whatever, you would want the same kind of help."

Hannah's Go Fund Me Page can be found here, where the public can support or leave messages to her during her healing.

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