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Hank Baskett in motel? Serious rumor intrudes on Kendra Wilkinson's marriage

Hank Basketts is reportedly staying in a hotel nearby the home he shares with his wife, Kendra Wilkinson and their two kids. What happen, or is this a rumor?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Hank Baskett has checked into a motel, not far from the home he shares with Kendra Wilkinson, his wife and the mother of their two children. What happened? Reports put Hank staying at the motel for two nights in a row and he isn't looking like a happy camper. Let's hope this report is nothing more than a rumor!

According to Wet Paint on June 21, when Hank first left the house and checked into the motel he had a woman with him dressed in a nursing-type uniform. These are the rumors swirling around this couple who just welcomed their second child into the world last month.

The woman could have been one of the nurses hired by the couple to help care for their infant, suggests the website. They are also questioning if this is a rumor or not, but either way it is making the headlines today.

Kendra and Hank are one of those rare celebrity couples that looked to be in it for the long-run. They seemed to be a sure bet for not falling victim of the Hollywood divorce curse, which appears to be an extremely high divorce rate. The day before Hank allegedly checked into a hotel, Kendra was seen in her sweats covering up her post-pregnancy figure and going into an exercise class.

She was all smiles and appeared genuinely happy. She even tweeted a line or two about how happy her life is today. Kendra's fans can tell you, there's not an ounce of phoniness about this woman, she tells it just the way she sees it and sugar coats nothing. This is especially true for her personal life, which she shares as an open book through her reality show.

It was supposedly a reporter from the National Enquirer who followed Hank to the hotel and they apparently alerted Radaronline, who came out with the story of this abrupt move on Hank's part. The person who was allegedly spying on Hank said that he looked "downtrodden" and "depressed." At one point he kicked the ground in what appeared to be a display of frustration.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports today that Hank left the house and checked into a motel after an "explosive fight." His abrupt departure from the Clabasas home they share may have some roots in a scandal that's been floating online reports the website.

A scandal involving a "reality star" and a "sports star" along with a "transsexual model" is a "scoop" that has been reported on by PR mogul, CEO and celebrity manager Gina Rodriquez, who Celeb Dirty Laundry calls "a reliable source." Rodriquez never mentioned any names with this "scoop."

Today folks are questioning if this could be Kendra, who is the "reality star" and her "sports star" husband Hank, who is somehow involved with the transsexual model? Did Kendra get wind of this? Was Hank leaving their home the result that followed Kendra finding out about this "scoop?"

Kendra is very open about her life, she has to be with the cameras following her around for "Kendra On top," the reality show that films her everyday life. She also shares many personal events on Twitter, so she may take to Twitter to either tell folks what is going on or label these latest reports nothing but a bunch of rumors.

If she takes to Twitter to deny this report, than folks should believe her. She is not one who puts on a false face for keeping up a front with her fans. She is one of the most reliable reporters in Hollywood! Seriously, she is very genuine when it comes to her family life.

This spy said that Hank pulled up to the motel and he went in with the woman to the motel office, apparently to secure a room. They hopped back in his Jeep and pulled around to the room. From there the two went in.

After he went into the room, he briefly came back outside again. The next day he tweeted that he was headed to a ball game with his father. Then he stopped at the house for a short time and headed back out to the same hotel.

Having your life an open book has to play havoc with the marriage at times. Just think about all those things you do in the privacy of your own home. From passing gas to walking around barely dressed, these are the things people are free to do in their own home.

That comfort level has to fly out the window with cameras all around. Maybe the two had a spat and are taking a break or maybe Kendra and Hank are reading these reports over a cup of coffee and laughing like hell over the rumors flying today.

Let's hope so, they are a great couple together and both are wonderful parents!

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