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Hank Baskett motel: Kendra and Hank back together after rumors of a split

Hank and Kendra
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Rumors started to fly today that Hank Baskett was staying in a motel and left his wife Kendra Wilkinson. They just had a baby one month ago and so this would be pretty shocking news. The two have always seemed like they were just fine and would not split up any time soon. Now on Saturday Rumor Fix is sharing that they are back together again.

They were spotted out today with new baby daughter Alijah and son Hank Jr in Calabasas. The two seemed just fine even though they were not all over each other. There is no way of knowing if there is truth to the rumors that they were split because they put on a very good united front in public. Photographs were even taken of the two together making it obvious that they are out in public and not totally apart.

The rumors started when Radar Online posted that they Hank checked into a motel close to their home. They said that he was spotted speeding away from the home and then was seen at a motel checking in. The problem is there was not a reliable source out there to back this up at all. Their source was The National Enquirer so who knows if it was true or not. It is hard to believe it from that source. The information was copied to other sites all over the Internet but nobody else seemed to have any thing to back it up or any pictures of the incident.

Today Kendra was on Twitter and made it sound like all is fine. She shared that she was spending the day today with both of her Hanks. Her husband is Hank but that is also the name of their son Hank Jr. It appears that everything is just fine for Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson despite rumors that they are having issues. Fans are happy to hear that they are together and having family time.

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