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Hank Aaron receives hate mail after comparing some Americans to KKK members

Hank Aaron, baseball’s hall of famer who celebrated the anniversary of breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record last week, is getting threatening hate mail after he compared some Americans to Ku Klux Klan members. According to a Washington Post report on Wednesday, while stating last week that he believes racism isn’t dead in America, he went on to claim that people in the United States who disagree with President Barack Obama and his political policies are like KKK members – but those persons, according to Aaron, are now wearing shirts and ties instead of KKK hoods.

Baseball hall of famer Hank Aaron receives hate mail after comparing some Americans to KKK members
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The comment immediately went viral and met with extreme criticism, according to an NBC report, while many persons countered that Aaron is a racist for having made the comparison of some Americans to the KKK. It has now been reported by the Washington Post that people not only got mad over Aaron’s comment, but they have responded by taking to Aaron’s mailbox. People have been so incredibly offended and upset with Aaron for his KKK remark that they have sent messages of racist hate to him and the to the Atlanta Braves.

For the comments that Aaron made to USA TODAY Sports last week, the Braves have reportedly received literally hundreds and hundreds of letters, e-mails and phone calls in an effort to denounce Aaron for calling some Americans racist KKK members – simply because they have an opinion of their own which does not agree with the president’s opinions. The comments thrown at Aaron are severe.

While one letter, according to USA Today Sports, called Hank Aaron a scumbag piece of s---, another letter promises that the former fan will never ever attend another Braves game again. Still others who are communicating with the ball club have called Aaron a classless racist and are saying that they are in the process of burning their Hank Aaron memorabilia.

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