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Hanging W/ Andrew Maltin, CEO of the latest social media app, 'Hang W/'

Hang W/ Andrew and his family
Hang W/ Andrew and his family
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Andrew Maltin is a serial entrepreneur. Andrew has built several companies prior to founding MEDL Mobile and Hang w/. He believes that speed is sexy, that every inefficiency presents an opportunity for reward, and that even the most tight knit tech teams can benefit from a shot of tequila from time to time.

Andrew, is the CEO of the popular new social platform Hang w/. Hang w/ allows users to “hang with” celebrities and each other via live-streaming video and simultaneous chat on a mobile device. Tons of celebrities are using the app, check out Lucy Hale or 50 Cent!

Users’ real-time broadcasts can be shared with thousands of followers at once. For celebrities, Hang w/ has been proven as a powerful social media engagement tool to connect directly with fans, and has attracted more than 100 actors, athletes, musicians and entertainers including 50 Cent, Ali Landry, Claudia Jordan, Jamie Kennedy, Kaskade, Lucy Hale, Terrell Owens and Timbaland.

Andrew opened up about the app, getting big celebrities on board, and what he would like to see for the app as it continues to grow. Read the full interview below and Hang W/ Andrew and other celebs and interesting people! (Anthony Bowles): How are you?

Andrew Maltin: “I’m great, I had a great time being in New York, and everything went really fast.” (Anthony Bowles): What is Hang W/?

Andrew Maltin: “It’s a live social media platform…it is used mostly by celebrities, content creators, and regular people. For the celebrities, it allows them to reach their audience in a very authentic way especially since it is live and has the ability to connect the celebrity to their fans live as opposed to other social media outlets, it all happens after the fact. That is the thing that I like about this app, because people can see what each other is doing live. People are also able to communicate with each other while something is actually happening live.” (Anthony Bowles): How did you get so many notable celebrities on board?

Andrew Maltin: “I think we are looking to celebrities that want to connect with their fans in a new interactive way. They share the sentiment that the other social networking sites aren’t as direct. Initially we looked for the talent that we thought who had the fans and the likelihood for this type of engagement.” (Anthony Bowles): Who is your target audience when you see someone downloading Hang W/?

Andrew Maltin: “Typically, we are going after these forward thinking celebrities, and when we have a celebrity like 50 Cent, who decided to do an album without a label, and his fan base who is loyal to him, they have all been users of the app. The users have initially been the fans of the big celebrities who use the app, which brings on a wide demographic of different people and different ages.” (Anthony Bowles): How long did it take you to create this app?

Andrew Maltin: “Years…we were doing global development for other big brands, like Taco Bell and the New York Times, and some of the other companies we were working with kept saying to us, that they weren’t seeing any compensation for their work. We thought it would be a great way to share the revenue of the ads in the pre and post roll, it was a way for those companies to monetize off of that. It has had its evolution and grew on from there from 2009-2010.” (Anthony Bowles): Where would you like to see Hang W/ in the next year or two?

Andrew Maltin: “I would like to see it where everyone is using it for their own personal purpose. As well as an authentic engagement for celebrities. Bringing on new users every day, and allow people to make other connections.” (Anthony Bowles): Lastly, how would you describe Hang W/?

Andrew Maltin: “Authentic…live…communication. I think that the authentic part is crucial, the live factor is something that no one else has to offer and we are at the forefront of what’s coming next.”

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