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Hangin' out with the Moon: The Moon Void-of-course

Hangin' with the Moon
Hanging with the Moon Public Domain

The Void-of-course Moon refers to the period of time after the Moon has formed its last major aspect (relationship) with another planet, but has not yet moved into the next astrological sign. They happen approximately every two days and the Moon's length of time in the void varies from just a few minutes to the entire 2.5 days the Moon remains in the sign. A void-of-course Moon can be minutes or hours of chaos and confusion... Or it can be a sacred time of reflection.

Our moods follow the call of the astrological sign the Moon is passing through, which means our moods fluctuate to the natural breathing-in and breathing-out of life... and the void gives us time to reflect on those moods.

As an example: When the Moon is in Aries we breath-out... we begin again... we reach out and are more willing to live in the moment... we want what we want... and we want it now. During Aries Moon days the world and those in it are more daring and less fearful. But in approximately 2 1/2 days the Moon will move into Taurus... we'll breath-in... slow things down and become more cautious and protective. Yet... before the Moon departs Aries and enters Taurus, her conversation with the other planets (parts of our personality) will cease and we're asked to hang out with that Aries Moon, observe and contemplate the Aries emotions she has just stirred up.

So it goes as the Moon makes her way through each on the twelve signs. And... every time a Moon Void-of-course occurs we experience a lull in activity that can be likened to that quiet place between inhaling and exhaling... or to hanging out with a old trusted friend and discussing what we've been up to.

Other tips for Void-of-Course Moon times:

  • These are times to rejuvenate your spirit, relax, take a break, a time out, meditate, read, or do things that give you a "pause" in life.
  • Don't expect things begun in the void to progress in the usual manner. Some things to avoid; job interviews, buying a house or car, getting married, starting a relationship, major meetings or signing contracts.
  • Also avoid communications that are extremely important or seeking advice or having consultations with others whose judgments will be as cloudy as your own.
  • Something need repair? Want to go shopping? Wait until the Void-of-course time ends or the repairs might need to be repeated and purchases returned.

It's not as though you must shut yourself off and not participate during a Void-of-course period...but knowing when they are can give you a head's up on when to expect some profound emotional insights, adventurous moments and perhaps even some unexpected fun.

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