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Some time ago there was a very inviting Facebook post that suggested writing notes to yourself, putting them in a jar for a whole year, and at the end of the year looking at what you wrote so you could see all the amazing things that happened to you. Fabulous idea. It dovetails well with the current wonderful trend of gratitude days, weeks, and months that have been taken on by so many people as we can see from their Facebook sharing.

Of course you can bet that Love Letters Live has another take on this. A possible embellishment. Not that such a glorious inclination needs enhancement; a jar full of blessings at the end of the year is quite a gift from you to you. Kind of a spiritual candy jar filled with treats that will not add pounds or go stale. In fact, like love letters they will get better over time. Yes, like love letters.

We are, of course, talking about putting all this into love letters from you to you. Stamp them and mail them to yourself. At the end of the year or the end of the decade or even after you are gone from this earth, there will be a wonderful personally handwritten record of what you knew were your blessings. Keep those letters to yourself in a safe place but one that will be easily found by those going through your personal effects after you have departed this earth.

This will be a definite gift to you in so many ways. If you put it in a beautifully adorned and hand addressed envelope, it will cheer up your mail pile.You may be surprised to see that when you read this letter, even though you wrote it, the you who wrote it and the you reading it are two different people. You can re-read these letters whenever you need a reminder that your life was filled with advantages.

This is a gift that keeps on giving, not just to you as you look back on it but to your heirs who will be over the moon at finding not just something about you but something of you. There is always the joy of reading mail from someone we loved. and being able to touch something that has felt the touch of someone else's hand. It is a hello over unconquerable time and non-navigable distance.

By the way, for those of you who have ever unearthed old letters written by strangers or books with signed notes on the fly-leaf, you may remember the little leap that your heart takes. A voice from the past from anyone can be a boon. Why not start on this gift to yourself and others right away?

From me to you with love in the air,

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