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Handwriting still happens in Technology, Jaymo PixStylus or JustGoSmart Stylus

From mobile phones to tablets to ipads to laptops to desktops, typing is the theme of the day. And for most of us, our contact with a stylus takes place while sitting in a meeting of some type. However, during a few of the technology conferences I’ve covered, speakers spoke of their appreciation for the personalized note. Its something the Jaymo PixStylus and JustGoSmart Stylus can give in connection with the devices mentioned above.

Don't hate on writing with Technology; its still fun to do
Don't hate on writing with Technology; its still fun to do
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images
Personalizing your Fun
Photo by Adam Berry

In accordance, one can send a written note by text or share on facebook or send as an attachment via email; to name a few. Of course, as an individual, it’s likely, in today’s terms, a product more of desire then need. For technology, that’s another part of the equation. To us lay folks, a stylus and smartphone, combined with a note app, are equivalents of using pen and paper. Simply put: a novel approach to both old and new practices. The two differ in size and feel. With the PixStylus (, one gets both a stylus and regular writing pen; perhaps, a practical way to go. The JustGoSmart ( is slimmer, polytetrafluoroethylene coated.

Which may most be your preference? Probably reflective of enjoyment related to traditional pens and pencil. Admittedly, there’s a learning curve, for writing on the screen of a smartphone, or a kindle; clearly, not the same as pen and paper. And, the note app needed plays a factor in using a stylus. In other words, challenges do exist. On my smartphone, I downloaded an app called ‘FreeNote,’ and for my kindle, ‘Handy Note.’ Each one is free, fitting my reason for choosing them.

I’m still in novice mode, with the stylus; though finding the process and practice rather cool. Frankly speaking, I plan to send more of my short texts in stylus form, i.e. thanks very much; great meeting you; congrads; best wishes for the holiday; how are you; what’s happening; can’t wait to see you later; I luv that; arriving in 30 minutes; need a ride; car stopped; what time does the game start; don’t forget the snacks; pick up some milk; and so on. It allows a little fun thru normalcy of everyday life and technology integration.

In observation, often the discussion of innovation rests on what it can do, abounding with bells and whistles. Yet, the more telling tale is a focus missing the possible fun and removal of constraints or limitations. Frankly, the stylus does not match time convenience comparable to typing; nonetheless, portrayal, of a personalized conveyance, in handwritten electronic form, is, as a commercial utters, priceless.

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