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Handsome Baltimore cop woos women as he rescues stray animals off the street

Besides loving cats and having three of them, Jon also saves dogs. Check out his t-shirt .
"I Love Jon Boyer" Facebook

Gather around ladies; what could make a man more handsome than one great looking cop having a heart of gold when it comes to rescuing stray dogs and cats off the dangerous streets of Baltimore?

And that's exactly the description of Officer Jon Boyer, a man has gained the attention of animal lovers across the nation, - as the the officer rescuing a kitten appeared on Facebook reported Today Pets.

Boyer, 26, has been a Baltimore Police officer for three-and-a-half-years, and has repeatedly rescued stray dogs and cats - bringing them to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). Boyer has been a pretty modest guy as to his rescue work, but one day last May, Boyer was asked to pose with a kitten he had recently rescued.

The photo appeared on Facebook on a page called Show Your Soft Side.

That adorable photo; not sure if Boyer or the kitten is cuter in the picture, but together the two set off thousands of "likes" and hundreds of comments. Even sweeter, the handsome cop adopted the kitten just hours later.

Although Boyer likes all animals, he has a special soft spot for cats. He now is owned by three felines; two cats who are rescues.

Boyer also has his own Facebook page with over 7,300 likes called "I Love Jon Boyer," but the page isn't just about Jon; the page is about rescuing our four-legged friends and bringing awareness of the need for responsible pet ownership:

"Officer Jon Boyer is a Baltimore City Policeman with a heart of gold. This fan page is because of his rescue efforts in saving city cats and dogs."

And for all the dog lovers, Jon proudly announces he loves pit bulls also. If you check out his page, it is full of beautiful critters all hoping for wonderful new homes.

That is the purpose of Officer Boyer's fanfare; he hopes to bring more attention to the plight of stray animals.

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