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Hands Only CPR: Don't hold your breath !

What do dogs, cats, men, women , beer and CPR have in common ?
What do dogs, cats, men, women , beer and CPR have in common ?

What do men, women, dogs, cats, beer and CPR have in common ? The answer to this riddle is in this article.

Hands only CPR is being suggested as an alternative to the traditional CPR ( cardiopulmonary resuscitation ) method of using rescue breaths to give immediate care to a person whose heart has stopped beating for whatever reason until more advanced emergency help arrives.

While many in the public agree that only using our hands would encourage more people to help out a victim without having to put their mouth on top of a complete stranger to give those rescue breaths that we learn to give in CPR class with a breathing barrier of some kind, there is still science supporting the traditional two rescue breaths for each cycle of 30 compressions and for good reason. tells us that the air you and I breathe in contains ONLY 21% oxygen and about 0.04% carbon dioxide and other gases . Here's the payoff: The air WE BREATHE OUT and/or into a CPR victim in each of those two rescue breaths, contain somewhere between 13.6% to 16% OXYGEN that the victim CAN USE to sustain her/his own body's respiratory gas exchange system that may sustain the major organs through limited CPR blood circulation until emergency responders arrive on the scene.

As my mother used to tell me way back in my childhood trying to help me learn math and my multiplication tables homework at night , she would say, " Doug, a little of something is better than zero percent of nothing". What mother taught me as a child then, is also good for CPR victims , TODAY.

Some oxygen into the victim through the two rescue breaths for every 30 compressions, is sure better than zero percent of nothing, don't you think ?

Carbon dioxide is produced by the fermentation of sugars in beer and winemaking and by respiration of all living organisms. Some may think what we breathe out only has the carbon dioxide and there is really nothing left that would benefit a CPR victim. Well, don't hold your breath because your breath could save a life.

Happy Heartbeats, Friend !

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