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Hands-on with the Phiaton PS 210 sound isolating earbuds



  • AbraExaminer 6 years ago

    Judging from your review you don't have much experience with in-ears. Not much useful details about the sound signature and I'm surprised you found the isolation to be top-notch, as many have noted the PS210s don't isolate well at all.

  • Paul 6 years ago

    My review is based on the $99 price tag. There are certainly other in-ear's that do a much better job of noise isolation, but they carry a much steeper price tag. Also, any in-ear with a good fitting bud will isolate a good amount of sound, so it isn't surprising that with the proper insertion and earbud tip selection that the PS210 does a good job. I'm not calling the PS210's perfect, but at $99, they are a great option for anyone who wants a quality earbud without getting a second mortgage.

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